Science Facts Set-33

  • The Channel-billed Cuckoo (Scythrops novaehollandiae) is the largest species of cuckoo in the world.
  • Xenon is a colourless, odourless, heavy noble gas that is used in gas-discharge lamps.
  • Rainforest Rocket Frog is a terrestrial, diurnal frog found in Panama and Costa Rica.
  • A barograph is an instrument used for recording the variations in atmospheric pressure over a period of time in a paper called barogram.
  • Golden-headed Manakin is a small bird found in South America. It weighs about 12.5 g.
Golden Headed Manakin from South America, Asheboro, North Carolina Artists Photographic Poster Print by Joel Sartore, 24x32
  • Histology is the study of microscopic anatomy of cells, tissues and organs of living organisms.
  • Zircaloys are alloys of zirconium used as fuel cladding in water-cooled reactors.
  • Planet Mars takes 24.6 hours to rotate about its axis.
  • Diphtheria is an acute contagious disease caused by diphtheria bacillus.
  • The three-toed sloth is the slowest moving mammal in the world.
Three-Toed Sloths: Green Mammals (Disappearing Acts)

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