Science Facts Set-2

  • The abbreviation of BCG is Bacillus Calmette-Guerin. It is a vaccine against tuberculosis.
  • A superconductor is a material that conducts electricity with zero resistance.
  • The word 'virus' comes from the Latin term 'virus' which means poison.
  • Sound cannot travel in vacuum.
  • A parasite is an organism that lives in a host, taking food from it. It attacks the host and lives at the expense of it.
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  • A Saprophyte is an organism that feeds on dead plants and animals.
  • The Equatorial Radius of the Sun is about 109 times the Equatorial Radius of the Earth.
  • Carolus Linnaeus is the father of modern taxonomy.
  • Luminous objects are those objects which emit light of their own.
  • Penguins, Kiwis and Ostriches are some birds which cannot fly. Penguins can swim.
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